Berkeley Arts + Design
Provide all students with opportunities to engage with arts-based research and learning at Cal

Berkeley Arts + Design was established to make the arts and design a fundamental part of the undergraduate journey at Cal, developing students’ creative skills and better preparing them for the future. Our goal is to increase student access to arts-oriented research and learning opportunities on campus through a range of resources, programs, and leadership opportunities that we offer. 

Our innovative flagship courses introduce students to diverse areas of practice across the visual arts, performance, literature, film, and design, as well as to arts and design resources available locally. Our annual creative careers networking event provides students with a safe, educational space to connect with professionals working across the creative and technical disciplines. Our Arts + Design Student Council helps shape our long-term goals and initiatives, and launches new projects to make UC Berkeley a more creatively accessible campus to all students. 

Your gift of any amount this Giving Tuesday will help us fund the following:

  • $25 will fund community art supplies for students to use during workshops
  • $100 will fund equipment for our Arts + Design Student Council to host engaging events and workshops on campus
  • $250 will support student engagement and arts access programs by providing tickets to exhibits and performances that increase and deepen students’ exposure to the arts
  • $500 will fund honorarium for visiting guests and mentors in our multidisciplinary educational programs
  • $1000 will support the creation of a student gathering space within the Arts + Design office to cultivate community and belonging on campus
  • $5,000 will fund the Creative Discovery Digital Tools platform focused on creating student profiles and portfolios for students to showcase their unique artistic and creative projects. 

With your support, we can continue to provide a range of meaningful learning opportunities for students that center the arts and design.

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