DEIB Efforts of Berkeley Neuroscience

The Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute's Student Advocacy Committee is seeking to help overcome barriers that have kept large sectors of the population from contributing to neuroscience, including 1) lack of access to resources and know-how in successfully applying to graduate programs and 2) lack of a sustaining, welcoming, and inclusive culture in academia.

To this end, the Student Advocacy Committee has proposed two new projects, and we need your support enacting them! 

To recruit a more diverse pool of neuroscience trainees, we will be offering step-by-step, personalized graduate application review services for underrepresented minority students, and your support will help us secure more mentors to work with these students. 

We will also host a day-long spring symposium for the entire campus neuroscience community, to discuss how we can make our environment more accessible and inclusive. This symposium will include awareness workshops, bias response trainings, and outside speakers. 

Your support will help provide honorariums for facilitators and speakers to recognize their important work and leadership in this effort, which we hope to establish as an annual event within Helen Wills. 

With your help, we can make neuroscience accessible to all!

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