Restorative Justice Center at UC Berkeley
Creating space for the UCB community to address conflict and harm with respect and dignity.


The mission of the Restorative Justice Center is to create opportunities for people to connect through story-telling & community-building for responding to conflict and harm. The practice of Restorative justice brings people together to build community and address harm through community-based circle processes. 

Our vision for this work is to promote restorative practices across UC Berkeley as a method and to address structural harms and community impacts, by creating spaces that invite people to speak their truths, engage in active and empathic listening, and engage in action planning for short and long-term change.


When conflict arises, or harm occurs in your relationships or spaces, the RJ Center can help. The RJ Team will consult with you to determine the best approach. Our main goal is to help students, faculty, and staff create spaces of trust and respect, and worth through difficult situations with classmates, housemates, co-workers, partners, and others. 

Learn more about how Restorative Justice has helped the UCB Community here:


Zaineb Siddiqee
Graduate Student Leader | Master of Social Welfare (MSW, 1st Year)
School of Social Welfare Concentration: Strengthening Children, Youth, and Families, School of Social Welfare

“RJ is important to me because it allows every person to bring their authentic, real self to the conversation. RJ brings empathy, compassion, and a reminder that everyone is human. RJ builds connections with people despite differences and adversity. In the future, I want to apply my RJ skills to become a school social worker! I love working with students and watching them grow into the amazing people they are.”


This #givingtuesday we need your help to raise $10,000 to help support and train our Student RJ Team Leaders!  Each year, the Restorative Justice Team is staffed by UCB students who serve as trained leaders for conflict resolution all over campus, all year long. Your support would help us hire more students and increase the amount of support we are able to give campus organizations and individual students throughout the year! 

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