Helix@Berkeley - Diversifying the Healthcare Field
Introducing Helix

Helix Medical was built on the premise of breaking educational barriers for marginalized and socioeconomically disadvantaged high school students to diversify the healthcare workforce. This goal culminates in a free 4-week summer medical program that allows matriculants to gain a medical foundation through our core curriculum and clinical site visits that allow students explore health in a hospital, pre-hospital, and clinical setting.

Our core curriculum budget is currently set at $4,700 to accommodate for the incoming class of Helix students, as well as an expansion to our summer program’s goals. This includes a rehashing of the model which we wish to impart on our students - to make the next generation of changemakers in the medical field. With a social determinants of health component, students are able to explore healthcare inequity in their own communities, and envision an active role in improving that inequity. This ranges anywhere from food deserts to urban displacement, all of which have a large impact on the quality and quantity of healthcare in the area, as well as preventative care such as access to nutritious food. Thus, seed money for these projects is included as an additional expenditure in the 2020 program.

 All in all, Helix impacts more than just students’ and parents’ lives, we strive to impact communities by instilling the skills to do so in our students in this upcoming cohort. Feel free to contact us at info@thehelixgroup.org, or my personal email at vnguyen871@berkeley.edu Please also visit our site thehelixgroup.org if you want more information about our previous programs! We're grateful for your support!

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