Asian American and Pacific Islander Standing Comm.
Support AAPI students, staff, and faculty at UC Berkeley

The Asian American and Pacific Islander Standing Committee (AAPISC) is committed to realizing an antiracist vision for UC Berkeley. As the direct advisory body to the Chancellor and her Cabinet, we work to address the diverse and complex needs of Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities at Cal. 

Your gift will enable us to

  • Identify and improve the recruitment and retention rates of underrepresented AAPI ethnic groups at both the undergraduate and graduate student levels; 
  • Develop and strengthen existing social, personal, and academic support systems for AAPI students; 
  • Expand existing professional development and career enhancement opportunities and resources for AAPI staff and faculty; 
  • Increase the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of those occupying critical campus senior management positions; and 
  • Ensure the continued growth and vitality of teaching and research efforts by and about AAPIs on campus 

Our Story:

The work of AAPISC builds on the legacies of many before us.

In Fall 1987, Chancellor Ira Heyman appointed Janice Koyama and Dr. Yuan T. Lee as Co-Chairs of the Advisory Committee on Asian American Affairs, which produced a report in May 1989 entitled “Asian Americans at Berkeley: A Report to the Chancellor.” 

Ten years later, AAPI students, staff, and faculty created the Campus Advisory Committee for Asian American Affairs which published the most recent report on the status of the AAPI campus community, “Visibility and Marginality, Asian Pacific Americans at Berkeley: A Report to Chancellor Berdahl,” in May 2001. 

In Fall 2019, AAPISC began analyzing AAPI undergraduate and graduate student, staff, and faculty data. The culmination of these efforts is our recently released report, “Twenty Years Later: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at UC Berkeley.”

A major finding of our report indicates that the challenges facing AAPI communities at UC Berkeley have not significantly changed over the past 20 years. 

The Work Ahead:

Now is our moment. Help us amplify this critical finding and bring it to the next level through programming, listening sessions, and convenings about AAPI issues on campus. With your support, we can make our voices heard. 

Thank you! 

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