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Transfer Student Resilience 

The last two years have presented unique challenges and sometimes unimaginable losses for many University of California students.  Some student populations experienced the impact of the pandemic in more significant ways than others. Transfer students at UC Berkeley are a diverse population of students who transfer primarily from California community colleges. Many are the first in their families to attend college, qualify as low-income, and belong to underrepresented student communities on campus. They add depth and perspective to Cal’s rich cultural landscape. 

Last year, the campus shifted to a fully online modality. The Transfer Student Center quickly moved all of its services online to make them available to students who had left campus for home. For many transfer students leaving campus meant leaving access to high-quality, reliable internet, spaces conducive to learning, opportunities for leadership and career development, and communities of support that fostered belonging. In addition, at home, many faced new financial pressures due to family members who lost employment during the pandemic. Some students found themselves caring for family members who became ill with Covid-19. Nothing could have prepared them for what they faced. 

With a focus on recovery and reopening, transfer students are now returning to a more fully in-person presence on campus. Still, the toll of the pandemic on their educational and aspirational goals remains. As we engage with transfer students in the transfer transition courses through one-on-one advising, community events, and mentoring programs, it’s clear that the pandemic tested their resolve. Still, transfer students are moving forward with renewed purpose and intention. Resilience is a trait that best describes transfer students at Cal. 

Now, more than ever in our twenty-two-year history, the Transfer Student Center strives to meet new student needs that have emerged within the changing landscape of higher education.  With the help from donors like you, we can focus on expanding services and opportunities that focus on transfer student success and achievement.

The Impact of Transfer Student Center Services

The Transfer Student Center has served as the heart of the transfer community for nearly 20+ years. Each year, the center works alongside 5900+ transfer students who, despite having their own unique responsibilities and challenges, transform their lives and the institution through academic achievement and their lived experience. At the Transfer Student Center, we strive to assist transfers as they begin their journey at Cal, move through the university, and get ready to graduate by offering the following services: 

Academic Counseling, Transition Courses, Mentorship Programs, Success Workshops, Community Events, Leadership Opportunities, Commuter Resources & A welcoming community space

Over the last two years, the Transfer Student Center recorded over twelve hundred contacts with students. In spite of the virtual modality, the Transfer Student Center enrolled close to six hundred transfer students in our virtual transition course. Despite the inability to gather in person, we were able to form a sense of community with over two hundred and fifty transfer students in our virtual events. The pandemic has helped us realize that some virtual services provided greater access for students. Over the last year, we saw a rise in the utilization of our academic counseling appointments and expanded to offering evening advising hours for greater access and ease. Counseling staff reported a record number of individual contacts with transfer students.


Student Impact Statements

“ As a transfer student, It’s a big thing to have a Transfer Student Center on campus. I toured other universities but instantly fell in love with UC Berkeley because of its Transfer Student Center. It was a determining factor when I was deciding to come to Cal”- Student Participant

“ Because of the Transfer Student Center, I developed a strong sense of community. It’s a space for people to come together — whether for academic or personal reasons or just to relax for a moment — and share information. I loved it so much that I became involved with the Transfer Student Center as an intern until I graduated.” - Student Participant

Here’s how you can help us grow!  

Having a Transfer Student Center on Berkeley’s campus sends an important message to transfer students and the broader campus community. That message is, transfer students matter here. By creating a welcoming environment, encouraging community, and developing vital resources and programming, we work to foster a sense of belonging and connection among transfers that is vital to academic and personal success. 

1. A More Inclusive Campus Culture

The Transfer Student Center strives to be a welcoming environment for the 6900+ transfers yearly on campus. It has become a home away from home for many transfer students, who rely on this space as a dynamic multipurpose community space. Funding will be used to upgrade our Center with new furniture, free printing services, laptop and phone chargers, commuter events and more.


2. Connections/Networking

The pandemic has highlighted the need and importance of human connection. Throughout the last two years, the Transfer Student Center coordinates extracurricular activities for transfer enrichment virtually. In Spring 2022, we hope to transition back to in-person events. The need for human connection and community is greater than ever.  Funds will be allocated toward expanding our events/programming such as meet and greet socials, workshops, and movie nights which will offer transfer students more opportunities to connect with fellow members of their community. 


3. Transfer Student Career Pathways 

The Transfer Student Center provides opportunities for over 30+ transfer students to participate in the creation of a dynamic and supportive community within the Transfer Student Center. Our student leaders serve over 6900+ students yearly to expand campus and community resources and enrich the university experience for transfer students. Funds will be allocated towards the expansion of program, professional development and enrichment opportunities.  

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