Society of Women Engineers
Your support helps empower the next generation of women engineers to reach their full potential.

Our SWE Section Mission

The UC Berkeley SWE section strives to support the next generation of women engineers by: 

  • providing professional development resources and networking opportunities to help students navigate the start of their careers
  • hosting socials to connect engineers with others in their area of study
  • organizing STEM advocacy and inclusion workshops, encouraging both women engineers and allies to fight for an equitable workplace
  • and leading outreach programs for local K-12 students — geared especially towards young women and underrepresented students — to help them learn more about STEM. 

Our Actions to Create an Empowering Community of Women Engineers

Since 1975, the UC Berkeley SWE section has continuously developed and strengthened ways to grow our community. The following section highlights some of our programs that aim to create an empowering community of women engineers:

  • Professional Excellence:
    • Evening with Industry is UC Berkeley SWE Section's largest engineering recruiting event of the year that provides the exclusive setting for over 150 students and 20 companies to network during a career fair and three-course dinner in one night.
    • Shadow an Engineer is an externship program designed to help undergraduates gain first-hand insight into their career of interest.
    • Startup Spring is a semester-long series that highlights startup culture, innovation, and entrepreneurship for inspiration. 
  • Outreach Programs:
    • SWE Science, our 4th-8th grade outreach program, holds monthly classes that each teach a different STEM subject through follow-along hands-on activities
    • SWE++ has a mission to develop a female computer science community and provide a foundation for middle-school girls to learn CS by mentoring and teaching Scratch and Python over the course of 10 weeks.
    • The High School Engineering Program (HSEP) is a 10-week introduction to engineering for highschool students to gain exposure to each engineering discipline and simultaneously work in teams to plan, design, and develop full-scale engineering projects.
  • STEM Diversity & Inclusion:
    • Transfer Student Outreach was recently piloted to not only make SWE a more inclusive space for transfer students, but to also support students looking to transfer in the future so that the number of female engineering transfer students can increase. 
    • The SWE Advocacy program hosts policy and lobbying workshops, attends Congressional Outreach Day, and educates our community on the intersection of STEM and policy.
    • The SWE Equity & Inclusion program encourages female empowerment and inclusion within SWE and the larger STEM community at Cal, hosts allyship events to increase support of women in the engineering community, and organizes an Equity and Inclusion Summit.

Visit our website to learn more about our efforts in growing and supporting the next generation of women engineers. 

With your support, we can advance our efforts in maintaining women representation in STEM. Your contributions help in many facets of our organization, as is shown in our budget breakdown. Are you willing to join us in furthering our efforts to support our community of women engineers?

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