The iBiological Sciences Fund
Help foster an academically enriching and supportive climate in the Biological Sciences


The Division of Biological Sciences’ climate of conscientious and innovative cross-disciplinary exchange sets the stage for scientific discoveries and opportunities for all students to thrive in their chosen fields. As scholars and scientists, we recognize the intrinsic relationship between diversity and excellence in all of our endeavors, knowing the value of multiple perspectives. And the important role in respecting difference, creating an inclusive, equitable environment, and fostering true belonging amongst our community. 

The iBiological Sciences Fund helps foster an academically enriching and supportive climate that allows all to become influential, inspiring future scientists. Our mission is to introduce evidence-based strategies for improving diversity, equity, and a sense of belonging on campus.

Your gift will support ongoing and future initiatives in these areas, such as:

  • Mentoring and community-building programs that advocate for graduate students in the departments of Integrative Biology  and Molecular and Cell Biology, including a first year student and faculty mentoring program.
  • A postdoc teaching program for graduate students, ensuring they excel scientifically in their required courses and providing teaching and community-building opportunities.
  • Student-led initiatives to advocate for underrepresented first year students, like the annual iMCB+ conference, featuring talks from scientists dedicated to improving inclusion in academia and providing students with tools to thrive in the STEM communities.
  • Seminar series within our division, fostering open conversations around student pressures -- both personal (finances, family, and peers) and institutional (implicit bias, stereotype threat, etc.)

You can learn more about the student programs here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Ryan Guasco at

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