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Emily King, BSP Research Coordinator (far left) and 2018-2019 BPS Research Fellow Program (RFP) alumni

The Biology Scholars Program (BSP) works side-by-side with talented low-income and first-to-college students to help create their academic and career success. For almost 30 years, BSP has  supported students to overcome conditions that could otherwise pose clear and immediate threats to their progress toward STEM graduate programs and careers. 

A “home away from home,”  BSP is a space where students are supported and empowered to reach their educational and career goals. Our wrap-around and comprehensive approach includes student-centered mentoring, teaching, and alliance. Members belong to an inclusive community and environment that is the cornerstone of a rewarding and full college experience for our students, regardless of their backgrounds.

With your support, BSP will be here for our members, facing today’s unprecedented challenges and for challenges yet to come. Here are the ways your gift can make a difference:

  • Instructional materials for a peer tutor to teach BSP students chemistry, physics, and biology for a semester.
  • Research supplies for an undergraduate researcher for the academic year.
  • Conference travel costs for an undergraduate researcher.
  • Support a student’s research stipend over a semester or a peer advisor.

Your investment will be paid forward many times over through BSP members’ work as future physicians, scientists, and policymakers, making the world a more just and fair place for all. Thank you for your support.

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2 GA 2
3 VA 1
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