Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Students for Sensible Drug Policy Erases Stigma to Create Safe Space

Creating an environment in which all individuals feel loved, accepted and supported will lead to a thriving community. While decades of faulty drug policy in the United States have created a dialogue of ostracization and criminalization surrounding drugs, this is not a productive system from both a social and public health perspective. Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots organization aimed at dismantling the war on drugs through advocacy, education and harm reduction practices on campus and in the local community. 

Can you help our chapter to create a more accepting environment?

 Our UC Berkeley chapter has been specifically focused on creating a harm reduction framework on campus. The past year has unfortunately brought an increase in fentanyl being found in a wide range of substances, leading to a large increase in overdose deaths. To combat the potential of this happening on campus, we worked with Party Safe @ Cal to create a Naloxone Distribution Program on campus to educate and equip students with the tools they need to stop an opioid overdose in the event that they encountered one. Next semester we are working with campus partners to create a system in which students would have access to free fentanyl test strips throughout campus. Harm reduction practices such as these can empower students to make informed, safe decisions about substance use. 

Your gifts will allow us to reduce potential harm in our community. 

Harm reduction tabling on Sproul!

 Donations will allow us to create a more robust, educational program surrounding drug policy and harm reduction via our DeCal. Holding space with leaders in the field of harm reduction, drug education and policy will allow students to learn new perspectives to have healthier, informed and empowered perspectives in substance use and drug policy. Trained peer educators will provide a stigma free point person for students to turn to. 

Will you help us to create an informed, empowered and safe campus culture?

Your dollars will go directly toward purchasing fentanyl test strips for students, continuing our Decal and educational workshops and supporting our peer education program. 

Anything you can donate will help us reach our goal of creating support for students from a traditionally stigmatized demographic. 

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