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Support ACS@Berkeley in spreading awareness of DEIBJ in the College of Chemistry!

The American Chemical Society at Berkeley (ACS@Berkeley) is an undergraduate chemistry focused student organization whose goal is to support students’ career, graduate school, and medical school ambitions by hosting events for all students with a passion for chemistry, no matter their background or future path. ACS@Berkeley prides itself on being composed of a diverse group of students regardless of year, transfer status, gender, race, or any other factor. We are a community composed of undergraduates of all majors in the College of Chemistry (Chemical Engineering, Chemical Biology, and Chemistry) in addition to students within other Berkeley colleges who are excited by the field.

This year, one of ACS@Berkeley’s goals is to bring the discussion of DEIBJ to the chemistry community on campus to help students gain awareness of how DEIBJ applies to chemistry. As we feel the current discussion around DEIBJ is minimal amongst the undergraduates, we want to take the steps to begin the challenging and important process of being more cognizant and respectful of others’ backgrounds and experiences. We believe building an inclusive environment starts with discussion and awareness - both of which have not been directly touched on within previous events. 

ACS@Berkeley is organizing a “DEIR In Chemistry” event this spring in which five representatives with diverse backgrounds will come to talk about the challenges they have faced during their education and chemistry related careers and what they have done to overcome these issues. Specifically, we are reaching out to people in industry, academia, and medicine who understand and can communicate the importance of being involved with diversity, equity, and inclusivity efforts as students. To find speakers, we plan to collaborate with the California section of ACS, with whom we have found amazing speakers in the past. We are also in contact with UC Berkeley’s College of Chemistry Chief Diversity Officer to help make sure our event organizers and volunteers receive proper training and that our materials are relevant to students as a whole.

The funds from this campaign will go directly into supporting ACS@Berkeley’s goals of spreading awareness of DEIBJ in the chemistry community by supporting our “DEIR in Chemistry'' event as well as our “Evening with Industry” networking event. The funds will be used to help cover room reservation costs, accommodations for guest speakers, snacks and beverages for the events, and other such event costs. With your support, we can aid in making the chemistry community a better place for everyone!

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