Economists for Equity at Berkeley
Economists for Equity at Berkeley (BEE)

BEE is a graduate student-led organization committed to alleviating the exclusion and marginalization of people of color, women and members of the LGBTQ+ community in the field of economics. We do this by leading initiatives that help dismantle barriers to participation and confronting bias at every point of the profession's pipeline. Over the last few years, our initiatives have included 

  1.  Community Building
  2.  Research and Grants 
  3.  Outreach
  4.  Professional Development 
  5.  Faculty Recruitment 

While these long-standing initiatives have helped promote equity and inclusion, our members are consistently working to expand BEE's initiatives. This year, BEE is piloting four new initiatives: curricular reform, an antiracism reading group, funding for graduate students doing work related to diversity and inclusion as well as a graduate school admissions mentorship program that supports historically excluded students applying to PhD programs in economics. Earlier this month BEE members leading the graduate school admission mentorship program hosted a virtual Application Bootcamp that helped underrepresented minority applicants across the country prepare their statements of purpose, personal history statements and letters of recommendation packets. 

As you can see, BEE is led by a group of innovative graduate students who are passionate about promoting racial, ethnic and gender representation among the next generation of economists. We hope that with your generous financial support we can continue to expand our efforts and our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.

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