Student Learning Center

The Student Learning Center is the primary academic support unit on the Cal campus, serving over 10,000 students annually, or 30% of the Cal undergraduate population. Although our user base has expanded significantly since our inception in 1973, our daily work continues to reflect our historical mission, which is to serve the needs of emerging student populations. This means while we support all undergraduates, we are especially well-attuned and well-positioned to respond to the unique needs of historically underrepresented students, ranging from women in STEM to first-generation college students to international students to neurodivergent students. 

By believing that each student possesses extraordinary insight and talent, we consider it both our duty and our privilege to serve as a space on campus that inspires all students to Seek Knowledge. Locate Passion. Change the World. 

Your gift today will help advance our mission and commitment to embolden the extraordinary in every Cal student. 

Want to know how we stretch your dollar? 

  • $20 = One hour of one-on-one tutoring in for students enrolled in breadth courses in the social sciences and arts & humanities 
  • $150 = One 2-hour study group for up to 100 students in high-impact majors
  • $1,200 = One 3-hour exam review for up to 500 students in gateway STEM courses

Interested in sponsoring a specific SLC initiative? 

  • $50,000 = Twenty $2,500 scholarships for middle-income students to attend Summer Bridge, expanding access to this transformative summer transition program for entering Cal undergraduates
  • $30,000 = Chemistry 32, a 2-unit preparatory course to college-level Chemistry. Designed to prepare students for the rigor of first-year chemistry, Chemistry 32 serves as an entry point into STEM-based majors for students who were not exposed to rigorous science instruction in high school.
  • $6,500 = Stipend for one Research Associate to conduct original research over the course of eight weeks.
  • $5,000 = Faculty honoraria and stipends for 10 undergraduate facilitators of #FacultyasWriters Speaker Series, a student-facilitated speaking series that allows undergraduates to engage with Cal faculty across the disciplines  
  • $2,000 = Author speaking fees and 20 copies of one LEP Global Book Club read
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