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SEED Scholars is a program supporting historically marginalized students in all areas of STEM

The STEM Excellence through Equity and Diversity (SEED) Scholars Honors Program at UC Berkeley supports and inspires historically marginalized undergraduates pursuing majors in all areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to become change-makers, scholars and leaders. Through comprehensive, holistic programming, SEED prepares outstanding undergraduates to become their best selves and increases the representation of underrepresented minorities (URMs) in academia and other STEM professions, bringing these scholars’ talents and leadership to the world.


Berkeley recognizes a great opportunity and challenge: namely, the critical underrepresentation of minoritized groups in STEM fields. Historically underrepresented minorities and women represent a significantly untapped pool of talent, especially in STEM fields, and Berkeley is committed to providing equity of experience for undergraduates — truly equitable access to the educational opportunities on the campus and a path to success beyond.

The SEED Scholars program embraces this opportunity by building on the model of the Meyerhoff Scholars program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. This program is recognized as one of the most effective in the country in recruiting and retaining URM students pursuing degrees in STEM, providing the support they need to excel academically, and preparing them to pursue and succeed in graduate programs and professional life.



In spring 2019, Berkeley initiated the SEED Scholars program to apply Meyerhoff's model of success while supporting our own student populations. The campus welcomed an inaugural cohort of 20 scholars in July 2020, and more than doubled in size in 2021. The program spans all STEM areas on the campus, in the Colleges of Engineering and Chemistry, and in STEM-based disciplines in the College of Natural Resources and the College of Letters and Science, including mathematics and biological, data, and physical sciences.

Reflecting a commitment to building a truly diverse scientific community, Berkeley’s SEED Scholars program combines academic and professional support and opportunities within a social justice framework to promote understanding of diverse identities and life experiences and advance genuine equity of experience. Through a holistic co-curricular support system, the program begins with recognizing the unique needs and ambitions of each student and supports development of personal, social, and academic capacities to actualize each scholar’s goals and potential.

Key Program Components

● Summer Rising Program — The SEED Scholars experience begins with a six-week intensive session before the first semester. Incoming students live, learn, study, and socialize together, building community and a sense of belonging, taking part in rigorous academic courses such as a data science class, and meeting and establishing relationships with faculty.

● Research — Beginning with the summer after freshman year, students are supported in finding summer research and internship opportunities, and they are awarded up to $10,000 in support of each experience. Beginning in junior year, students also conduct research or internships during the academic year.  

● Scholarship support — Students are awarded need-based scholarships of up to $10,000 annually, enough to ensure that they can cover the cost of attending Berkeley and focus on their educational experience. 

● Social justice seminars: “Science, Society, and You” — The SEED Scholars program aims to prepare students not only academically and professionally, but also personally, to understand how they and their peers experience STEM and l earn strategies for achieving individual success and implementing change.  

● Professional development — To support students in pursuing a professional path, the program provides workshops and seminars in topics such as building a resume/CV, interviewing, presenting research at international meetings, and applying to graduate school. The program provides curated resources to identify and pursue professional opportunities.

● Mentoring and networking — Scholars benefit from mentoring by faculty, graduate students, and industry leaders, and they are provided opportunities to network with leaders from companies, startups, labs, and institutions. 

● Wellness, life skills, and advising — Creating equity of experience requires supporting students as whole people. Accordingly, SEED scholars are provided resources including advising by culturally sensitive staff, holistic wellness support, and coaching on topics such as financial literacy.

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